Fully Automatic Puller

GAL’s ultra modern automatic puller and handling system on press exit, ensures bend / twist and scratch free extrusionsfor delivery.

Aluminium Profile Puller

Aluminium profile puller features :

✔ Easy for the maintenance
✔ Less noise
✔ Good performance
✔ Good adaptability. Can meet any kind of machine less than 3000MT
✔ Run smoothly.

Technical capabilities for fabrication

✔ Aluminum sand blasting machine
✔ Aluminum profile
✔ Thermal break production line
✔ Aluminum brushing machine
✔ Aluminum vacuum wood grain machine

Aluminium Sand Blasting has developed Machine for Aluminium Profile Sand Blasting. Aluminium Profile Shot Blasting used before anodizing. Sand Blasting is a dry mechanical process for surface finishing, and provides uniform surface on aluminum profile by removing all Mold Stripes Defects, water stain marks, handling defects. The airless sand blasting is most economical technique among all current techniques used for surface preparation. Considering direct and indirect operation cost. And as it is a dry mechanical process it does not pollute the environment and helps companies to be socially responsible. Blasting media are propelled at high controlled velocity by means of centrifugal force of blasting turbines.

The sand blasting of aluminium profile machine use multiple blasting wheel positioned at a calculated angles. Wheels are mounted on the top of the cabinet and positioned above the pass line of the work and the other Blast wheels are mounted at the bottom of the cabinet positioned below the pass line of the work. The arrangement of wheels is designed to achieve uniform surface finish on complete aluminum profile.

Aluminium profile brushing machine is one kind special machine for aluminium profile to get hairline finish, straight grain, curly grain, ripple grain and irregular grain by brushing wheel, which is mechanical surface treatment that primarily serves to give the aluminium surface an appropriate structure and which is usually combined with other surface treatments such as natural and color anodizing, lacquering etc.

Aluminium Vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine is special machine for aluminium profile surface treatment, which can make powder coated aluminum profile or electrophoresis aluminum profile get wood grain on the surface of aluminum profile after the vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine. It is new bright spot in the aluminium decoration in the world!