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Modern Civil Engineering is more than merely erecting buildings as functionally and usable as possible. In addition to functional and economic criteria, aesthetic,ergonomics and design considerations together with ecological demands placed on building projects play an equally very important role. This means that materials used in buildings are of major significance. Aluminium is the building material for the modern age, established itself as an important factor in the building and construction industry.

The aluminium element was discovered nearly 200 years ago. After an initial technological development in aluminium element, its alloys were used in many structural applications like Civil engineering field. Aluminium is the second most widely used metal in constrction after steel and is used in all sectors from commercial building to skyscrapers.

One of the principal reasons for Aluminium’s growing popularity is its compatibility with today’s fast track construction techniques, requirements and just-in-time ordering. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in curtain walling, where the accuracy of factory-finished sections allows rapid erection on site and allows internal finishing to proceed more quickly. The end result is earlier building occupancy and greater profit margins for the ultimate customer. Aluminium shop fronts, window systems and door assemblies offer comparable on-site benefits, which are now being enhanced by fabricators’ computer-controlled machining rigs which can drill, miter, grind and countersink to exact tolerances enabling the easiest possible installation of ironmongery, glazing beads and other secondary components.

Aluminium can create every possible architectural concept to be realised ,regardless of whether it is a new build or a modernization. Possible applications range from facades, roof and wall manufacturers of Aluminium building products systems to interior decoration and the design of living are world leaders technologically ,not least space, and include windows and doors, balconies because the companies have furthered the and conservatories development of modern windows and facades in the fields of surface treatment, thermal insulation and soundproofing, air conditioning and solar heating.