GAL Aluminium Quality Policy

Quality has been a tradition with GAL Aluminium. Our stringent quality control standards and quality assurance systems cover all work processes right from manufacture(manufacturing) till shipment. The company’s quality policy is directed towards total client satisfaction with in-time delivery schedules and other functional requirements.

(GAL Group have always been committed for quality and never failed to fulfill it. Our Quality Team takes in charge right from raw material to finishing i.e. from the process of manufacturing till shipment.

The company’s quality policies ensure total client satisfaction, in time delivery schedule and other functional requirements.)

GAL Group Quality Parameters

To attain our goal(fulfill our commitment) for the best quality aluminium extrusion with preferred mechanical properties, we have a quality- check at every step of our production process,i.e. from raw material to finishing.Below are the highlights of our quality parameters(Some of the quality parameters are mentioned below:

✔ Special QC department that inspects the raw material (i.e. alloy), through our modern direct reading Optical Emission Spectrometer. This assures the composition stability within the acceptance levels.

✔ Latest and computerized devices like Jig boring machines, EDM wire cut machines, Sparkerosion machines and numerous other CNC equipment. We manufacture dies and tools from high quality H13 grade imported steel and then harden them in vacuum heat treatment furnaces.

✔ Logs are homogenized before pre-heating. It gives them finer qualityand improved finish and even grain structure that is crucial for anodizing and powder coating processes.

✔ ‘Ageing – thermal treatment’ isconducted with accurately controlled temperature using high velocity air oven. This ensures our extruded aluminium profiles have uniform properties.

✔ Random inspection of product dimensionally is done(is done dimensionally) as per customers approved drawing.

✔ The complete process of handling the extruded aluminium profiles until packing ishandled(carried out) through conveyor system with strict quality inspections

Our Quality Outcomes

Client Satisfaction

✔ Meet the requirements of external and internal customers on sustained basis.
✔ Understand and fulfill functional requirements of the customer.
✔ Uninterrupted supply of material as per delivery schedule.

Internal Efficiency

✔ Minimize dependence on Inspection.
✔ Ensure quality in die design and manufacturing.
✔ Achieve high productivity and minimum handling.
✔ Minimize costs by reducing wastes, re-work and scrap.

Workforce empowerment

✔ Maintain a highly skilled, motivated and disciplined team.
✔ Improve capabilities of vendors by engaging in continuous dialogue and feedback.